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Katie Summerhayes

World Championship Freestyle Skiing Silver Medallist


27 July 2015Watch what happens when parkour meets freeski

Katie Summerhayes on terrain she knows best

Want to nail freeskiing? Freerunning may be just the solution for the GB Freeski team. Luckily Red Bull freerunner Ryan Doyle was on hand to give GB freeskiers, including our very own Katie Summerhayes, a sometimes literal crash course. Handplants, flips and the occasional bruise are guaranteed.

Want to give freerunning a go yourself? The GB Freeski team were practising at the Airborn Academy in Liverpool – Ryan is one of the founders there. Fancy a lesson? The athletes then went on for training at the Xscape Yorkshire indoor snozone.

Now see for yourself what happens when freerunning meets freeskiing.

Source: https://www.redbull.com/ca-en/what-happens-when-parkour-meets-freeski